PwC’s Accelerator

PwC's Accelerator presents fast-growing companies

PwC's Accelerator

In collaboration with organiser LU-CIX asbl, PwC's Accelerator will undertake to present around 15 fast-growing online gaming companies to institutional investors (i.e. VCs, Private Equity Funds and Family Offices) and corporate partners. The featured companies will be selected based on the uniqueness of their technology, the quality of their management, their ambition to grow internationally as well as the size of their total addressable market. This event will provide a unique opportunity for you to meet high-potential gaming companies as well as meet other actors of the European investor community.

PwC’s Accelerator is a unique platform designed to accelerate high-growth companies to a global level. Our aim is to help companies that are already experiencing serious market traction achieve a global leader position by combining serious fundraising (ideally >€10M), building premier management team, offering logistics assistance in setting representative offices worldwide via PwC’s global network and offering biz dev assistance in facilitating introductions to large corporates and governments.

Furthermore, PwC’s Accelerator is committed to lay the groundwork for developing a connected and innovation-driven business community here in Luxembourg. This is an ecosystem that PwC's Accelerator believes will benefit both its clients and those who take part in it.

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